Kim Tang


As a Yoga Practitioner, Teacher, and Studio Owner, Kim knows that Health, Compassion, Peace, and Union are not just the benefits, but in fact, the natural responses of a dedicated yoga practice, and that these States of Being are available to each of us... 


It is our mission, in Poses For The People, to educate and inspire others in the way of health and well-being in order to achieve these desired states. Kim believes our lives are for a purpose:  To live and love, give and serve, and how better to serve than through each of us, with our unique gifts and talents, joining forces to equip and empower our desert community. 



In Johnny's words, "...Once we have reached a point in our lives where we have done the appropriate physical, spiritual, and professional work on ourselves, we are ready to turn our energy outwards to serve others in need."  It is with honor, pleasure, and privilege, that Kim shares  the lessons she's learned through dedication, determination, and passion for the journey.